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I wanted to thank you again for the great job you did DJ'ing my 30th birthday party. From the initial prep meeting, to the iPod drop-off/pick-up, to the set-up and disco ball, to the music selection and transition from mingling music to dance music, I thought you did a fabulous job and was very grateful for your help. I thought your music choices were just right for the mood, and the way you got "under the intial dancing of my uncle and lifted it up from there" (as you said when we first met) was just right. The dancers in the group, including myself, really enjoyed it, so thank you! You really made the party more enjoyable, and I appreciate it! I'm sure we'll cross paths again at some event in the future, but until then, thank you!
- Andrea B., Brookline, MA
Unlike many disc jockeys, Mickey understands two key principles – that the customer comes first, and the customer is always right. Whether juggling discs, deciding between records, or dealing with the sweltering heat of a party-packed room, Mickey always finds time to listen intently to guests and play what they want to hear. He is so attentive and personable that you you can be one of five hundred revelers, and he will make you feel as if a song is dedicated solely to you.
- Angie M., New Haven, CT
Mickey creates hustling, bustling dancing crowds whenever the occasion calls for them. Mickey is very attentive to the needs of the party – varying the musical genres, decades, and pace of beats appropriately to keep the party going all night long. Most importantly, Mickey makes your guests feel and act sexy and debonair – making your party a success.
- Erik W., Cambridge, MA
For two years during business school, Mickey enjoyed universal acclaim, spinning at house parties that started when the sun went down and lasted until the sun came up, seamlessly weaving an evening from hip-hop to trance to Latin and back, keeping people packed on the dance floor throughout. Of course, the favorite moments for the ladies were generally when he got out of the disc jockey booth to get his rhythm on for a few himself...
- Johanna K., Manilla, Phillipines
When my roommates and I throw parties, they are serious affairs. We often have over 300 guests, elaborate themes and decorations, and bartenders mixing drinks. However, the real key to the success of our parties is our disc jockey. The party never quite gets into full swing until Mickey starts, and the dance floor is always still packed when he winds down (often past 4am). Although these parties take place on all three levels of the building, it is always packed on whatever floor Mickey is on.

Somehow, Mickey's infectious mix of music keeps everyone dancing ... not just the regular party animals, but also the shy, quiet ones you'd never expect to be shaking it on the dance floor. He's like a disc jockey psychologist who seems to know just what it will take to get people dancing. During the past two years, Mickey disc jockeyed at over a dozen of these events, and the only time people were upset was when the parties ended. Six hours on the dance floor, and they still wanted more.
- Matt Z., San Francisco, CA
For the past four years, Mickey has been spinning tunes at my annual cancer research benefit. The event draws a mixed young professional and graduate student crowd of over 200 guests – and Mickey always pleases them with his music throughout the evening.

Mickey always asks about the crowd before the party – so I know he works on his music selections in advance and keeps the particular audience in mind. Throughout the evening, Mickey matches the music to the feeling of the party – for example, he plays more dance music as the party gets heated up (or, more likely, that's what heats up the party!) versus at the beginning when people are just arriving and may prefer to just talk with some cool tunes in the background.

Mickey is attentive and friendly towards the crowd and attendees who make musical requests throughout the night. He is professional in his dealings with me (the party-planner), as well as the venue's manager (with whom he coordinates to ensure the technical stuff is available and compatible). I don't know much about the technical stuff, so I'm glad that I don't have to deal with that (Mickey takes care of it) in addition to all the other party planning details.

I can't remember one party that hasn't ended in attendees begging Mickey to continue to play tunes when the venue cuts the sound off at the end of the night due to entertainment license regulations.
- Stephanie L., Brookline, MA