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Because we take the time to understand your needs and the dynamics of your event, we arrive prepared for whatever may unfold. From there, we rely on our finely-tuned intuition to deliver the right songs at the right moments.

We are guided by these three principles:




1. Your event is unique – We take the time to understand what distinguishes your event from all others. The vibe you wish to achieve, the personalities of your guests, and the scheduling of activities are just a few of the factors we consider in designing your event’s perfect soundtrack.

2. Your event requires constant attention – The different phases of an event require different musical types and intensities. Music can be like perfume – if it’s overpowering, it can be obnoxious. From cocktails and mingling to dinner and dancing, we transition seamlessly from one stage of the event to the next.

3. Your event is YOUR event – You and your guests are the stars; we’re just there to provide great music.